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Functions, duties and powers of the Commission

The functions, duties and powers of the Commission shall be as follows:

  • To fix the tariff for the service, as the service provider may collect from the users,
  • To approve such policies and procedures as to be followed by the service provider in making an application to the Commission for the fixation of tariff,
  • To maintain, or cause to be maintained the quality of service by monitor in g the service to be provided by the service provider,
  • To resolve, or cause to be resolved, disputes arising between theservice provider and the users,
  • To obtain statements related with  the  service  provided  by  the service provider and publish, or caused to be published, the same,
  • To  determine  criteria  on  the  fixation  of  tariff  and  cause  such criteria to be implemented,
  • To give necessary advice and suggest ion to the Government of Nepal in relation to the water supply or sanitation service, and
  • To perform such other functions as prescribed.
  • Mr. Upendra K. Adhikari
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